Hello Comedy Lovers on iTunes and CD

I’m happy to announce that you can own a signed hard copy of my album “Hello Comedy Lovers”, featuring the smash hits you know and love, on CD in the store section or you can download the whole thing from iTunes.
If you go the download route and we meet, I’ll happily sign your laptop or smartphone. I’m thrilled that prior to its wide release that many of the tracks have been getting an excellent amount of airplay on Sirius XM. I will have another update soon with major announcements, but as for today, it’s album day.

I’m The Worst Updater Ever!

I’m not good at updates which may be a good thing because traditionally people who do them daily really don’t have much going on. Let’s get right to it – I started writing a new movie in late December and finished in February. I’m going to produce as well as play the lead. Been talking to possible cast and investors. Have an un-scripted series with investors in place. I did the Winnipeg Comedy Festival in April which included a taping of a prime time TV special for CBC and The Debaters for CBC Radio. The past couple of weeks I’ve been creative consultant on episodes of  a new CTV sitcom “Spun Out” starring Dave Foley.  It’s a multi-cam taped in front of a studio audience. From the scripts I’ve read, this could be a big hit. In addition, there have been a few victories where I didn’t over-celebrate and a couple of disappointments that I got over fast. Goodbye Comedy Lovers. I’ll write more soon. But not tomorrow. That’s just sad.

Recent Activity

Sometimes when you post stuff like this you have no idea if anyone is reading it. Otherwise, it’s just talking to yourself. I’m in LA now. Had a great time at some parties, a couple of meetings, and now Im getting ready to return to Canada to headline Ottawa Dec 27-29 as well as an Ottawa New Years Eve show. Then I’ll be in Niagara Falls the first weekend of January. October November and December were incredible. The shows in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ajax, London and Toronto reminded me of how much I love being on stage. I’ve gotten in to the habit of taping all the sets so I can edit together the best crowd work from each show and then posting them here and youtube. I have to start taking my youtube account more seriously because more people need to see this stuff. Other things of note –

XM sent engineers to tape two of my shows to make my new CD. Once that begins getting airplay on Siruis/XM I will officially be dropping more than half of that material and doing more new stuff. That’s going to be tough because if I do the smashes, I’ll kill but then I’m in danger of becoming an oldies act. Im going to start dropping material I’ve done on TV now matter how much I want to keep doing it.

Im writing a new movie now with the intent to co-produce and star. That should be made in Canada sometime in 2013.

I’ve had some great meetings lately regarding my book “The Other Oprahs” that could turn in to something far bigger but until that happens it’s just interesting conversations with interested/interesting people.

There will be more posts very soon, perhaps not so information heavy but with genuine insight about something.

Now With More Caring!

Thanks to my web designer, I’ve finally learned how to update my own website. So, I resolve to you, my fans, that I will be updating often or as they’re saying this week… on the regular. I have many things to share and I will start doing so tomorrow. Goodnight comedy lovers!

Hello Comedy Lovers!

Lots of exciting things to report. My book The Other Oprahs has been out for a couple of months and it’s starting to take off. You can read some chapter excerpts at www.theotheroprahs.com. Currently planning the first in-store signings and launch party. The tour starts in 2011 with performances/signings throughout the year. Check back for major announcements.

Tour Dates

Check back for exciting tour dates coming soon!